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Passive Income

By simply holding $KINKY you can have the peace of mind that your financial future is in good hands all the time. Our tokenomics ensure that. 12% BNB redistribution to all holders.

The Club

Win NFTs, Airdrops, Cash giveaways, Sponsorships, and many more amazing prizes. Kinky NFT believes in the power of contributing and that’s what we do, from our smart contracts, to the ecosystem we are building, to the fact that we help you make passive income

NFT Vibez

The future of musical artists is on the blockchain and should be accessible to everyone.We are committed to help make this transition happen while providing the best and advanced tools for your audio NFT requirements.

COMING SOON: the bigger milestones.

Enter Giveaways and receive club members only benefits while earning passive income .

Manage your monetization, distribution & copyright publishing globally without ever having to write a single line of code.


There is a total supply of only 100 million tokens and a 15% transaction fee which is distributed as followed:

12 % BNB redistribution

everyone who holds $KINKY will earn passive income, just like that.

2 % Liquidity

by constantly adding to the liquidity we can make sure you will always be able to convert your $KINKY.

1% Marketing

used to execute on our viral marketing strategies which include certain influencers and partnerships.

Launching Soon On

coming soon!!

Our Road to Success




to get Kinky?

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Tailored Support

Whether you’re a small business with a tight budget or a mid-sized business ready to expand, we can provide tailored IT solutions to suit your unique business needs.